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Ogden Music Festival 2023

Ogden Music Festival 2023 Artwork by Wendy Buehler

Join us at "Fort BDO", 600 N Depot Drive

June 2-4, 2023


The Ogden Music Festival is our signature event that brings together friends and fans of acoustic music from Ogden and beyond, and is the perfect way to start your summer on a high note, whether it's high, lonesome bluegrass or some hot licks on the fiddle. We couldn't be more excited for 2023! 

Working together with the hundreds of artists, vendors, volunteers, sponsors, and logistical teams, it's our collective dream to promote and celebrate Ogden's arts, culture, and natural beauty with residents and visitors, alike. Kids, 16 and younger, are invited to attend the festival for free, with the hope that their experience with live, traditional music performed in an outdoor setting will inspire this next generation to keep these traditions alive. Kids of all ages will love the Imagine Music Musical Petting Zoo and other music and outdoor-themed crafts and activities.

As the festival generates its own unique culture and spirit, we find that festival goers not only fall [further] in love with their favorite performers and many previously unknown, but also the festival community and natural environment around them. There's plenty of melodic flavor to go around for all to enjoy during the festival, so be there, take part, get involved, and soak up every last bit of it!

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