Josie O and The Big Six

Looking for music in Utah is a lot like going out to eat in a small town. If you’re craving something specific and it’s not on the menu, you might as well cook it yourself. Thats exactly how Josie O and The Big Six came together. A group of musicians on the SLC music scene were lamenting the lack of Honky Tonk music in the Wasatch and decided to play the music they wanted to hear. This boot stomping super group features members of Pixie & The Partygrass Boys, Pompe ‘n Honey, The Hollering Pines, Theoretical Blonde, and Hot House West. Blending country classics with original compositions and a touch of old time flare, Josie O and The Big Six sing to the restless cowboys and broken hearted romantics as they explore the origins of the yodel and why mermaids ride seahorses side saddle. 

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