Mariachi Águilas de la Esperanza

Approximately 30 children from Esperanza School and 20 youth graduates of Esperanza School will be at The Ogden Music Festival to entertain with Mariachi, Banda, Norteño, and Sierreño music. 

Esperanza's programs, school organization, and community are research-based and designed to close the academic gap for Hispanic youth. All aspects of our school exist to support this primary purpose. Esperanza welcomes students of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Esperanza values ​​a diverse school community. Esperanza's school design will help all students be academically successful. 

Our Mariachi is special because:

  • We welcome children of all backgrounds and ethnicities.
  • One of the main purposes of Esperanza is to close the academic gap for Hispanic youth.
  • It has a sparkle of its own and provides learning that celebrates culture and family.
  • Esperanza offers a school-wide Spanish-English dual language immersion program.
  • Esperanza teachers and staff are bilingual and multicultural, with no language barriers.
  • Esperanza actively involves parents and families in the success of their students.

The person in charge of making this dream come true and leading this group of young people is Allan Moreno. Allan Moreno came to the school to consolidate one of the goals of the director, Eulogio Alejandre, and that with a lot of work and effort makes the Mariachi Águilas de la Esperaza, a reality today. Teachers Melanie Broadhead and Yesenia Delgado, who are Teachers of Music and are part of this great team of teachers help all the children of Mariachi Águilas de la Esperanza.





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