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The Royal We

The Royal We is a group of music lovers that have a great deal of fun together on stage and it shows. Their influences range from pop, country, blues, soul and funk and their performances include harmonies from two female leads that have been singing together for over a decade.

Melissa Warner has been playing music most of her life. For the last few years she has performed extensively as an acoustic solo artist and is thrilled to be part of a band again. With The Royal We she adds “electric guitar” to the list of instruments she loves.

Stacey Board has been singing for as long as she can remember. She started writing songs and playing guitar at an early age and never slowed down. In the current Royal We configuration Stacey sings plays guitar & has picked up the mandolin.

Lance Lee is renowned worldwide for his "One Note Bass Solo".. So listen closely, or you may miss it!

Jamie Dalton is a drummer and pizza delivery technical consultant.

The Royal We are currently working on their first recording in this configuration of writers and players.

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