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Scotty Haze Band

Scotty Haze, a journeyman musician from Ogden, has been involved in the Northern Utah music scene since the 1970's.  Scotty has managed to play with just about every musician in Northern Utah.  A few years ago Scotty decided to get serious about his music and put together his debut CD “My Life's Cross Roads”.  It took 5 years and most of his musical contacts to put it together. It was released fall 2010 with a concert at Perry's Egyptian Theater in Ogden and after parties at three local nightclubs.

Scotty is working on his second CD.  He has gathered a group of talented, like-minded musicians and created The Scotty Haze Band.

Great music is what happens when you put together an acoustic blues rock guitarist, a heavy metal drummer, a screaming lead guitarist, a grooving bassist and a killer keyboard player, each having 25+ years of experience.  The group is hard to define; they play a great mix of Southern Rock, Blues, Country, and Classic Rock.  Whatever music they are playing you can bet the crowd is having almost as much fun as the band.

  • Scotty Haze - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, song writer
  • Gar Ashby - Electric Guitar, Vocals
  • Paula Miller - Vocals
  • Dennis Allred - Bass Guitar
  • Doug Heer - Keyboards
  • John Barker - Drums

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