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April 2021 COVID Update

April 2021 COVID Update April 21, 2021

A message from Michelle Tanner, OFOAM Executive Director

As we welcome Spring in a BIG way, we also welcome the surge of vaccinations and lower numbers of new COVID cases.

While planning our September 3-5 festival, we are working with the concept of safety. A mantra we use in my job as a flight nurse is “Safety third”, not first (you take a risk every time you leave your home), not second (we seek rewarding experiences), but third.  Creating safety and reducing risks requires us to prepare and take precautions. By being prepared and practicing precautions we can accomplish three objectives:

  • Get the job done (return to the live music environment we have been missing) 
  • Have fun (feel comfortable, find the experience rewarding, receive the benefits of live music)
  • Be safe (mitigate risk)

How do we do this? 

We will:

  • Wear masks
  • Socially distance (except in your own grid)
  • Only consume food and drink in designated areas, or own social grid
  • Practice good hand washing and sanitizing techniques
  • Purchase tickets online to save money, ease festival entry, and provide contact info for contact tracing
  • Everyone who is able to should choose to Get Vaccinated
  • Be mindful and kind to ALL festivarians, vendors, volunteers, staff and campers

As the mask mandate has lifted in our state, keep in mind it only applies to groups less than 50. Organizations can continue to require masks, and in fact are encouraged to do so. OFOAM is choosing to require masks. If you are unwilling to wear a mask, you should not attend.

Knowing yourself as an individual, your health status, your risk factors, vaccination status, ask yourself - do the benefits outweigh the risk?


Michelle Tanner, RN

To help defray current festival expenses, provide sustainability to OFOAM programs, and help us fulfill our mission to put instruments in kids' hands, please consider a tax-deductible donation.

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