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A Message on COVID-19

A Message on COVID-19 January 06, 2021

The current state of the COVID -19 virus is unpredictable and disheartening. It saddens us to see one event after another cancelled in the next couple of months. While we had held on to hope that OFOAM’s Ogden Music Festival might be the event that brings us all out of our isolation, the timing doesn’t look good. With expected spikes in the pandemic anticipated to peak in late April or mid May, we are left with no choice but to cancel the May 29-31, 2020 Ogden Music Festival.

The good news is we are a strong community and we will get through this. It is our priority to keep the community strong, safe and well so that we can all come together and experience the healing power of music in the future. Thank you to everyone for staying home and keeping each other safe and thank you to our healthcare workers (including Michelle Tanner, our executive director and Life Flight nurse) and others on the frontline.

To help defray the investments we've already made for the 2020 festival and to support OFOAM (a 501c3 non profit) and our mission to provide The Ogden Music Festival, inspiring youth to pick up and play instruments, you can make a tax deductible donation below.

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