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Dicky Martinez & The Little Big Band

Dicky Martinez has been serenading Utah and the Western United States for over 4 decades. Joined by bassist Randy, and drummer Chris, he continuesto lure even the best trained wallflowers to the dance floor. Now The Little Big Band, armed with an awesome array of classic rock and original songs, makes everyday a party that you won't want to miss.

The Little Big Band is a band for all ages and backgrounds. They play a plethora of songs from a variety of artists. Sing along, get up and dance, or just listen and reminisce.

Over the years, Dicky has preformed in many places including; Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, as well as Wyoming. While performing in Las Vegas NV, Dicky had the opportunity to meet the former drummer for James Browns, Ollie Lemay. Ollie agreed to join the band that at the time was called the Martinez Brothers.

One day while discussing the less than original name that they were playing under Ollie looked at Tommy and said, "You're little." Then he looked at Dicky and said, "You're Big." Consequently that's how the name the Little Big Band came about. And it as remained as such to this very day.

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