OFOAM Tweener Application

What is a 'tweener? A 'tweener performs 1-4 songs in between mainstage sets at the Ogden Music Festival while our stage crew is switching out mainstage bands. OFOAM looks for high quality local artists and seeks to showcase artists of all ages with an emphasis on young performers.

Tweener Application 

Due on or before May 07, 2017

Stage and Sound: The 'tweener stage is a small 8'x8' stage set lower in front our mainstage and is equipped with two instrument plug ins/DIs and two vocal mics (no additional sound support may be used). Due to the size of the stage and sound constraints, we recommend applying as a solo, duo or trio artist, though we have had some quartets in the past.

When will I know if I'm selected? You will be notified if you are selected on or before Sunday, May 14.

If selected, you will receive access code(s) for 3-day pass(es) to the 9th Annual Ogden Music Festival for each performing member of the your group. You will be given backstage credentials for 90 minutes surrounding your set.


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