Festival Camping Information and Rules

  1. New this year! Purchase your camping with your 3-day pass. Camp up to 4 nights, Thursday through Monday
  2. You may check in to camp as early as noon on Thursday, June 2. Earlier arrivals will be turned away.
  3. South area camping reservations will be held, but spots are assigned on a first come first served basis.
  4. You are NOT allowed to hold spots for other campers.
  5. Arrivals after 5:00 pm on Friday, June 3 will have limited access to certain areas of the park. Space assignments will be determined by what areas can be reached.
  6. Camp sites cannot be occupied for longer than 7 consecutive days by the same camp party.
  7. Picnic tables shall not be moved.
  8. Please be considerate! Camping area quiet time is 10pm - 6am. Be respectful of your neighbors and obey the following during quiet time:
    1. No generators. Generators can be run during the day, but please keep them to a minimum so as not to disturb other campers.
    2. No amplified sound
    3. No drum circles
    4. No excessive noise
  9. Keep it GREEN!
    1. All trash must be placed in the containers/large receptacles provided. Recycling containers are also found around the park. Failure to clean up your camp site may be cause to refuse rental in the future.
    2. Do not dump or drain gray or black water in the park. Do not bathe or wash dishes at water hydrants. No continuous water hook-up.
    3. Do not carve, chop, cut or damage any live tree or plant.
  10. Keep it SAFE!
    1. Fires are allowed in designated fire pits, stoves and grills as well as personal above ground fire pits only. Leaving a fire unattended for any length of time is prohibited. During certain periods of "high fire danger", on the authority of the Fire Marshall, fires may not be allowed at all. The camp hosts will be able to provide this information.
    2. Fireworks of any kind are prohibited.
    3. No firearms, weapons or other projectile items allowed in the parks, including but not limited to BB guns, air guns, paint ball guns, pellet guns, sling shots, archery, pistols and rifles.
    4. Speed limit in the parks is 10 MPH, unless otherwise posted.
    5. No motorbikes, ATVs, RTVs, or other off road vehicles are allowed in the park, except for authorized event staff.
    6. Pets must always be restrained to be inside your campsite on a leash and under constant control of their owner.  Leash length 6' maximum. Please clean up all messes from your pet. No pets are allowed in the festival venue area.
  11. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, wilderness travel, camping, other recreational activities and all other hazards and exposures connected with outdoor activities, involve risk of harm. Weber County and OFOAM are released of all legal liability for injuries or damages associated with the use or rental of the facilities or areas.

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