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Mars Hillbillies


The Mars Hillbillies take their name from Mars Hill, a prominent mesa overlooking the town of Flagstaff, Arizona where the band calls home. Founding member and mandolin player Rusty Tweed started the band in 2002 with the band showcasing his original material and carefully selected classics.

The band has evolved over the years with several roster changes. Currently driving the band into high gear, Bill Vernieu delivers solid rhythm and lead guitar. Jesse Anderson plays energetic and versatile banjo, adding an old timey flavor to the band’s contemporary sound. Bass player Keith Gomora is the solid and steady helmsman keeping the ship on an even keel.

All of the members sing lead and harmony vocals, and each brings his own unique interpretation of the definition of American roots music, making each MHB show at once traditional, progressive, dynamic, and just plain fun.

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