Festival Rules - Ogden Valley Roots and Blues Festival

  1. Seating: There are a variety of seating options at the Ogden Valley Roots and Blues Festival, offering plenty of space to spread a tarp or blanket or to place a low-profile lawn chair (cannot fit a basketball under the seat). Additionally, there will be a limited number of folding chairs for those not bringing their own. Those who choose to bring their own high profile chairs will be directed to an area behind the blankets and low-profile chairs. Shade tarps, umbrellas, or canopies are restricted to the back portion of the venue. Please be considerate by not blocking others' views of the stage. The performers deserve to have a full audience in front of the stage. If you leave your seats unattended, they are available for others to sit in until you return. Dancing is welcome in the designated area in front of the stage. Please be respectful of others and do not stand or dance in the festival seating areas.
  2. Recording and Photography:  No flash photography is permitted. Some artists may prohibit any recording or photography. Do not obstruct the view of those around you. You may not use any type of photograph or recording from Ogden Valley Roots and Blues Festival for commercial purposes without express written permission.
  3. Smoking: Please do not smoke in the audience, this includes eCigarettes. Smoking is permited in all boweries on asphalt due to potential fire danger. Extinguish and dispose of all butts safely.
  4. Alcohol: No glass containers or alcoholic beverages may be brought into the Ogden Valley Roots and Blues Festival. Individuals 21 years of age and older may purchase alcohol from vendors on site. All coolers, backpacks, and bags are subject to search. You must present an ID at the gate and get a special wristband to purchase alcohol; wristbands are required to be worn at all times while drinking alcohol.
  5. Food and Beverages: You are encouraged to bring your own water container and water stations will be available on site to fill and drinking water is provided at no cost. Vendors will offer a wide range of foods. A variety of beer, soda, and wine will also be for sale.
  6. Parking: There is plenty of parking at North Fork Park, Cutler Flats. ADA and senior parking will be closest to the ticket gate
  7. Weather: Late August can bring thunderstorms and rain; though average temperatures range in the 80s and 90s. Be prepared for weather extremes including rain, and dress in layers. Don't forget your hat and sunscreen!
  8. Animals: Dogs are allowed at the festival and must be on a leash. Owners must clean up after their dogs.
  9. Please use appropriate waste and recycle receptacles. Due to environmental and ecological considerations, OFOAM is motivated to decrease waste, conserve resources and recycle wherever possible.  Please re-use water containers.